Amazing Istanbul

I could still remember the day when I stepped in Istanbul, Turkey. It was a nice sunny day and the temperature was around 18℃. The wind was gently blowing and the ambiance was fantastic. I was lucky that my good old friend Sohel, was staying in Istanbul at that time and he took me with him while we visited the city at a glance.

The city was first established in 660 BCE and was named as Byzantion (Βυζάντιον) and later named as Constantinople by the mighty Roman empire in 330 CE. The whole city have a flavor of multicultural touch. This ancient city have the most number of amazing Roman structures, Greek structures, Islamic  structures etc. During the Ottoman empire the city was flourished as the capital of the Muslim empire and that is reflected on the city infrastructure. The age old roads and alleys of the old town, the magnificent Galata TowerHagia SofiaSultan Ahmet Cami (Blue Mosque) and a lot of beautiful landmarks made the outstanding environment that inspires the insight of any traveler.


Blue Mosque, Istanbul (2017); Photo Courtesy: Tanveer Hasan

After completing the immigration task from Istanbul Atatürk Airport I checked in at the  TAV Airport Hotel which is adjacent to the airport terminal. As I stayed in Istanbul for just one day, so this hotel was the best choice indeed. An average room in the hotel with complimentary breakfast will take around €120. They also have free airport shuttle that helped a lot to travel without any problem directly to the terminal gateway. After a short time resting in the room, I just joined my friend and our first destination was the Blue Mosque or locally known as Sultan Ahmet Cami. On the way we stopped at a kebab shop and had a large Doner Kebab with the famous Turkish drink Ayran. After that we headed directly to the Marmara district and reached the Sultan Ahmet Square. The splendid landscape of the mosque attracts thousands of tourist each year.

The most amazing part of Istanbul is the structures of the city. It is such a blend of Ottoman, Roman and Greek structures that any admirer of history and architecture would be totally amazed with the city buildings. Just 300 m apart lies the world renowned Hagia Sophia Museum. The stunning architecture of the landmark made me the perfect admirer of the art and history. Built in 537 AD, it resembles the mighty empires and still used as the picturesque presentation of Istanbul.


Hagia Sophia (2017); Photo Courtesy: Tanveer Hasan

The Hagia Sophia Museum is rather splendid inside. The large marble jar, the high ceiling, arts, sculptures etc, are the things that made people understand the history and culture of the Turks.

The view of the majestic Bosphorus from the upper level of Hagia Sophia is so amazing. The gentle breeze that flows from the Bosphorus straight passes through the mosque square and the place always remains crowded by the tourists. Then we had a glass of fresh orange juice. The view of the sea with a drinks in the hand in the time of sunset is the best scene that a traveler can think of. After spending amazing three hours in this area, we headed towards Eminönü İskelesi or Eminonu Pier, from where next phase of our one day trip started. The Incredible Bosphorus Cruise!


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